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HBO GO is a streaming service presented to all of you by HBO, which is a global entertainment service provider itself. HBO GO is riding on the big name of HBO, but it will be wrong to say that it is just popular because of HBO GO because it is not. The primary reason why HBO GO is popular is simply because of the myriad of top-class movies and TV shows it offers. Subscribing to HBO GO service will open up the door for you where you can enjoy instant and unlimited access of all what is available on HBO GO. Top class TV shows and movies are available in HD quality on HBO GO app, so if you want to enjoy all this, then have this app in the first place. You have the facility to watch your favorite content at your suitable time, as there are no terms and conditions for watching the content. Moreover, HBO GO works with smartphones, tablets, TV and gaming consoles, so whichever device you want to use to play your favorite digital content, you can use it.

HBO GO has been among top five streaming services from day one because it consists of all the popular movies and TV shows. HBO streaming service is an award-winning service and one should subscribe to it if he/she wants to enjoy a wide range of digital content.

HBO GO Issues:

Despite the fact that HBO GO is a top streaming services, people face several issues in this app. Though, the company tries hard to fix the issues in quick time, yet people suffer the inconvenience. Here are some of the most common problems that are present in HBO GO.

  1. Apple iPhones and iPads not supporting HBO GO app.
  2. HBO GO is not working on Apple TV.
  3. HBO GO can’t be played on Amazon Fire Tablets.
  4. HBO GO is not working on Samsung TV.
  5. HBO GO not working on Android smartphones and tablets.
  6. Unable to access HBO GO app on Android TV.
  7. Chromecast app unable to HBO GO.
  8. Unable to launch HBO GO HBO GO webpage on PC.
  9. HBO GO can’t be played on Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV Stick.
  10. HBO GO app can’t be played on Sony PlayStation 3.
  11. Sony Play Station 4 not supporting HBO GO app.
  12. HBO GO not working with TIVO.
  13. Roku is not able to play HBO GO channel.
  14. XBOX 360 not supporting HBO GO app.
  15. HBO GO not running on Xbox One.

Sign up / sign in process of HBO GO account:

In order to enjoy the features of HBO GO, one has to sign up on the same. The process is easy and can be done by the person without taking anybody’s help. But, if there is any issue in signing up on HBO GO account, then HBO GO help is available.

1. You need HBO subscription in order to start with the signing up process. The subscription can be obtained through the current TV service provider or you can log onto for the same.

2. Open this website followed by entering your TV service provider account’s username and password. If you can’t remember the password, then click on ‘forgot the password’ option to retrieve it.

HBO GO Login Process:

  1. If using a computer, then visit followed by clicking on ‘login’ option.
  2. If using a smartphone or tablet, then launch HBO GO app and then, click ‘sign in’.
  3. You will now have to choose the right TV provider from the list of providers.
  4. Type in the username and password for account and in case, you forgot the password, then consult your TV provider.
  5. Now, type in HBO GO ID, which is a unique code for your profile, which is 3-14 characters long. It doesn’t include any special characters or spaces.
  6. Add your email address now along with ZIP code. Once you do so, then click ‘save’.

HBOGO device activation:

HBO GO will only work when you activate it. One important thing that you need to consider is the activation process, which is different for each device. The process of activation begins with going to HBOGO com activate site. If the activation process doesn’t open up the world of entertainment for you, then there must be a problem in the steps. At that time, you must get in touch with HBO support.

HBO GO activate on Apple TV

  1. On your Apple TV, launch HBO GO app.
  2. Once the app opens up, launch settings.
  3. In order to get the activation code, select ‘activate device’. Type in the code and continue.
  4. Visit activate on your computer and then, select Apple TV.
  5. Choose the TV service provider you are using and then, add your username and password.
  6. After entering activation code, click on ‘HBO GO activate device’.
  7. You will see a ‘success’ message that confirms the completion of activation process.

HBO GO activate on Comcast

HBO GO doesn’t work with Comcast directly, but it works through Roku devices. If you own a Roku device, then you can use HBO GO with Comcast. If you want to know to know the activation process of HBO GO on Comcast, which is running in Roku, then you have to try the below-mentioned steps.

  1. On your Roku device, click on HBO GO and then, click on ‘activate your device’ option.
  2. After that, visit page and select ‘Roku’.
  3. Click ‘continue’ and then, choose the TV provider from the list.
  4. Enter username along with password for the TV provider’s account.
  5. After you sign in to the account, you are going to come across the page where you will add the activation code.
  6. Type in the code and this will complete the process.

HBO GO activate on Xbox One

The process of HBO activate on Xbox One also comprises of various steps. Let us take a look at these steps in order to activate HBO GO on Xbox One.

  1. Choose the TV provider that you are using from the list of TV providers. When you do so, you will have to enter 4-digit activation code.
  2. Launch your internet browser followed by typing ‘’. After that, choose ‘Xbox One’ as your device to activate.
  3. Pick the TV provider from the list of providers and then, sign into the account using your username and password.
  4. Enter the activation code, which is shown on the Xbox One and then, select ‘activate option’. This will complete the activation process of HBO GO on Xbox One.

HBO GO activate on Roku

The process of activating HBO GO on Roku involves a few steps as well, which are given below.

  1. Download HBO GO app and install it on your Roku.
  2. Open the application once installed.
  3. Choose ‘activate your device’ option to get the activation code and stay on the page until you get the code on your computer.
  4. Open your web browser and type ‘’ and hit ‘enter’.
  5. Select ‘Roku’ and then, click ‘continue’.
  6. Select the TV provider that you are using and then, enter your username and password for that TV provider’s account.
  7. Enter the activation code that is shown on the TV screen followed by choosing ‘activation device’.
  8. You will see the ‘success’ message that will confirm the completion of the activation process. If there is any issue, then take HBO GO support from a reliable support provider.

HBO GO works fine on all the top streaming devices, but if you come across any issue, then you can get in touch with HBO GO support. For that, you need to get the right customer service phone number through the internet and then, get the most appropriate solution.